STAFOR HHO NANO protective coating products for car care

STAFOR HHO NANO Protective Polish Products based on nanotechnology!

Have you ever thought about the time you spend on cleaning and scrubbing your car? We have. Our team has developed a new nanotechnology products so you have more quality time with your family, in eco-friendly environment and healthy home.

Protective coatings and cleaners for car care and professional use. All our products can be used in any time of the season because are water free. Its are highly effective, easy to use and affordable.

Coatings develops thin, optically transparent layer on top of the surface and adds highly effective nanoprotection. The options in each nano protective layer vary on the basis of nano components used in each product. Similarity in all our products are that considerably less time (or no time at all) is spent to clean protected and treated surfaces using no common car care chemicals. This is really clean and safe living environment.