Revolutionary STAFOR HHO PWM (Pulse Width Modulator)


- Unique PWM, no other in world like this
- Best performance of you HHO or H2 generator guaranted
- Constant current (A) self regulating
- Electrolyte (KOH) concentration indicator
- Integrated LED ampere meter
- Now you can regulate automatic ON/OFF voltage
- Adjustable frequency
- Electric break protection and indication
- Water tank level indicator directly in PWM without any floaters
- Automatic protection of low water level
- Built-in electronnic relay as optional start/stop feature

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111.91 EUR

PWM (PWM) - a device that is necessary for a hydrogen generator HHO, to ensure the optimum performance and stability of its work.

PWM (PWM) manufactured by STAFOR keeps stable and constant current (regardless to the temperature or the concentration of KOH electrolyte), and shows the work mode of system on LED indicator (optimal/unoptimal).

Built-in electronic relay and adjustable automatic switch ON/OFF function.

STAFOR HHO PWM can be proud with features such as:

  1. Guaranteed optimum performance of your HHO generator or H2
  2. Automatic constant current (A) holding
  3. The indicator of the electrolyte concentration (KOH)
  4. Built-in LED ammeter
  5. NO MECHANICAL RELAY, PWM automatically switches ON/OFF
  6. Adjustable automatic switch ON/OFF function for each car individually
  7. Indication of a broken wiring connection
  8. Indication of minimal water level on PWM, without any additional sensors or floaters
  9. Automatic protection of HHO generator at low water level
  10. Built-in electronnic relay, can be used as additional PWM ON/OFF source

One of the basic and most important components of a good HHO system - it's PWM (Pulse Width Modulator). It is a small electronic device that connects in the HHO control circuit and manages the electric pulses that goes to HHO system, regulating HHO generator work current, for optimal HHO gas production.

The device (PWM) monitors current, prevents HHO system from overheating and allows your generator to produce more HHO gas. The device uses a heatsink and fan for additional cooling.

Pulse width modulation is a method of transmitting information on a series of electrical pulses. We recommend use of PWM to control HHO generator as it is energy delivery (to HHO generator) device via a pulse sequence and frequency change.

PWM (PWM) allows you to control work current of HHO generator in very simple way. Regulated, during intallation, work mode (current, A) of HHO generator will be automatical and stable thanks to PWM, the temperature of the generator will be low and lifetime of entire HHO system will be extended, in same time increasing its efficiency.

We recommend installing a PWM for all HHO generators.

What are the main benefits?

Efficiency. HHO generator will work more efficiently while consuming significantly less power (current, A)
Amperage control. Control of current in the HHO generator will keep the optimal it`s operation mode and will extend the life of the generator.

Technical characteristics

  • Power supply: 12/24 VDC, 25A
  • Automatically constant current (A) (regardless to operating conditions - the water level, the concentration of KOH, the working temperature, etc.)
  • LED indicator shows accordnace of electrolyte (KOH) concentration
  • LED ammeter built-in PWM case
  • Automatic turning ON your HHO system when engine starts and turning it OFF when the engine stops
  • Automatic ON and OFF of HHO system can be adjusted with simple regulator to fit each car individually
  • Indicates if there are any problems with electrical connection
  • Warns about minimal water level
  • Adjustable current frequency
  • Battery discharge protection and protection against damage to car electricity generator
  • Built-in electronic relay can be used if auto ON/OFF function is switched OFF. No more mechanical relays needed, prolongs life time of HHO system and makes it totally safe to use it.