About fuel saving with HHO

Fuel savings with our STAFOR HHO generators in Your car can be till 50%.

Most of cars have fuel economy without making any additional regulating or adjusting.

Anyway we recommend to make some adjustments in work of your car which will provide higher fuel savings. All adjustments for your car will be made automatically, in real-time by newest electronics which STAFOR HHO developed.

Average fuel saving rates:

Cars with diesel engine Cars with gasoline (benzin) engine Cars with LPG
10-30% 20-40% 20-50%

Verifiable result

For each car after STAFOR HHO fuel saving system installation we offer

computerized fuel economy test

To make a test car must be equipped with OBD II diagnostic connection (almost any car made ​​after 1996).

Example of fuel saving with HHO

STAFOR HHO for car road test results

 Car: BMW 530, diesel, 1999, AT, drive conditions: highway, 90km/h,
1500rpm, test time: 4km

STAFOR HHO for cars system on HIGHWAY
turned OFF: 5.8l/100km (with 1l of diesel 17.24km)
turned ON: 5.1l/100km (with 1l of diesel 19.61km)

Diesel fuel saving on HIGHWAY: 0.7l/100km (1l/2.37km)
Diesel fuel saving 12% - you can drive 14% km more

Diesel fuel saving in CITY: 2.9l/100km (1l/4.29km)
Diesel fuel saving 30% - you can drive 42% km more