NEW fully digital and automatic MAF/MAP enhancer

11.06.2013 15:44

  • Fully digital MAF/MAP enhancher
  • Necessary for all DIESEL engines with HHO.
  • We recommend to instal it on all cars with HHO.
  • Fully automated work.
  • Adjusts to each car.
  • Do not impact engines performance.
  • Simple installation and regulation.
Digital STAFOR MAF/MAP Enhancer is a hi-end electronics development. After installed digital MAF/MAP enhancher must be regulated only one time. After that enhancher automatically adjusts to car each time you start the engine. Digital sensor adjusts correction of MAF/MAP sensor to your driving style in real time. 
In difference of all other MAF/MAP enhanchers for HHO generators with digital STAFOR MAF/MAP enhancher you will not feel lose of car power and it will not damage to your cars engine.