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Highest quality unique PWM with constant automatic regulating current for very best performance of your HHO generator directly from manufacturer.


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Fully digital and Automatic STAFOR MAF/MAP enhancher (air flow corrector)

This brand new and fully digital MAF/MAP enhancer will maximise benefits of your HHO system.


STAFOR HHO hydrogen generator FOR CAR complete set will allow you to cut fuel bill and lower cars emissions. Kit includes everything you need together with hi-end electronics.

PUMPS for diesel, water, oil

Transfer diesel, water, oil from can or barrel and stay clean. Usable for bilge-water. Different size and power pumps available to best suit your needs.

For each car after STAFOR HHO fuel saving system installation we offer

computerized fuel economy test

To make a test car must be equipped with OBD II diagnostic connection (almost any car made ​​after 1996).

About HHO systems

Tired of spending so much money in fuel?

Now there is a system that allows you to reduce the fuel consumption in your car at a very low cost. Simply use your normal fuel mixed with the hydrogen generated in your own car in a process called electrolysis. Hydrogene gas are directed toward the engines combustion chamber, via the air intake manifold, where they mix with carbon based fuel (petrol, diesel, lpg) and there they are ignited. This increase the octane level of the air/fuel mixture and allow the fuel to burn almost completly, thus reducing the amount of pollutants realeased in the exhaust.

It´s a simple technology that you will be able to install in your car without the help of a mechanic!

Advantages of the Hydrogen Fuel Technology Generator STAFOR HHO

  1. Savings in your actual fuel spendings. This is valid for both highway and town (city) driving as well. Just imagine how much you can save by the end of the year!
  2. Increases the power and performance of your vehicle. The more fuel you burn, the more the engine gets rattled up and wrecked. Once you switch to water, it enhance power, and performance.
  3. Reduces the CO2 emissions. Eliminating pollution and other harmful excretes our engines let out. What´s wrong with doing something good for the environment?
  4. Reduces the temperature in the engine. Also improves engine life-span since its burning at a much cooler state.
  5. Removes the carbon in your motor and prevent future carbon build up.
  6. Lower noise in the engine. Hydrogen effect in the combustion cycle. The engine will sound much quieter than it was before, this is due to less combustion in your car.
  7. Increases the life span of your engine.

Any car can save fuel with the HHO generator!

STAFOR HHO generators with high-class electronics controlling the work of HHO generator can be set to - passenger cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, vans, tractors, boats and any other equipment with internal combustion engines.

How Does Hydrogen Gas Work in your Car?

Inside the engine there are pistons moving rapidly up and down at a constant rate, generating the power for the car. When a piston lowers it creates a vacuum which sucks in fuel and air (Intake). When it rises it compresses the fuel (Compression) and the spark plug ignites it (Power). An engine will ideally only fire the piston when it has completely reached the top of its tube. However, most engines fire early and don't burn the fuel completely. This creates inefficiency, increases consumption and creates pollution.

When the hydrogen gas mixes with your gasoline it increases the Octane rating and the amount of compression required before the gas ignites. The piston must then compress the fuel completely before it ignites, and the extra hydrogen allows the fuel to burn more completely reducing the amount of waste (emissions). This also adds a bit more power to the engine, which increases its efficiency and improves your km per liter.



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27.02.2014 11:41

PUMPIS diesel and water pumps

Pumps for fuel, diesel, oil, water and boats. FILL UP FROM CAN WITHOUT GETTING DIRTY!

27.12.2013 17:30


All STAFOR HHO instructions (manuals) have been updated due to changes in devices and new norms.

28.11.2013 15:32


New STAFOR HHO full hydrogen kit for TRUCKS, BUSES and HEAVY MACHINES.

28.10.2013 17:00

New fittings in all kits

Now all STAFOR HHO hydrogen kits with new stainless steel push-in fittings.